Website Development

Websites are an investment for any business: whether a marketing tool or an e-commerce platform, your website should work for you. Your site should be easy to manage and built with your future business growth in mind.

Your site should also be easy to use and a delight for your customers. I take a customer-first approach: the site should give your users what they need on the device they have in hand.

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  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, JQuery, React, PHP

Content Management Systems

  • Wordpress
  • CraftCMS
  • Jekyll

E-commerce platforms

  • WooCommerce
  • Lemonstand
  • Shopify

Technical Consulting

As a twelve year veteran of the web development industry, I have the expertise to not only improve your current website, but also your future projects as well as your team.

  • Create styleguides and front end systems
  • Accessibility Audits
  • Performance Audits
  • Coach junior developers and set up tooling for the team
  • Give workshops on usability testing, front end methods and more

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User Experience Design & Usability Testing

Does your application make it easy for users to accomplish their goals? The best way to find out is to ask them, or better yet—watch them use it! I offer usability testing to assess your current product, and I can help you design the best experience for your customers. I’ve partnered up with a long time UXer, learn more about us here.


SEO Development

SEO (Search engine optimization) is not just about keywords anymore. Google looks at many factors that can affect how you rank, including

  • Responsiveness
  • Usability
  • Performance & Page Speed

And of course, I always ensure the correct meta tagging and open graph tagging is in place for every site I work on.

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About Me

As Pacific Northwest native and Portlander since 2001, I spend all of my non-computer time outside enjoying our mountains, forests and beaches. I ride and race bikes, do triathlons, hike with my dogs, and doze in hammocks.

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